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Another record broken by Mahdi and his Apex Legends squad!

Now look at this great kill record our team got in Apex Legends, 35 squad kills in diamond lobby! We are pretty sure no one can break this record anytime soon. Congrats to our Apex Legends players, "Mahdi 8-Tag", "RPM_R3Z" and "Mazi2KRF".

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An impossible made possible in Apex Legends by Mahdi and his squad!

We're shocked and amazed by our team and the unbelievable record they achieved, Climbing from "Bronze IV" to "Master" in 15h 45m.

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We found our way into Fortnite Duo Cash Cup Finals.

Proud to announce that one of our team members qualified for fortnite duo cash cup finals , Huge congratulations to Sina matthew for this great opportunity , we wish you to success in this tournament.

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We are world record holder now !

We are proud to announce that we are officially the world record holder for "Most wins in a row" on "WarZone Pacific, Caldera quad battle royale". Congratulations to our WarZone players, "Hamid Steffan", "Farhad Dead-shot", "Sam Saberi" and "Mehdi Villiden".

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Xray Started

XRayTeam mission is to train and lead our players in a best manner to become successful and reach higher levels in the international E-Sports competitions.

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